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I've finally kicked my muse's ass and got it to photoshop.
So, requested icons

  for marce_w
because they are kinda cute, I admitt :)

for remember_nomore
because well... what else could it be (okay, L/T, but whatever ;))

for juliet42
because I love that quote too.

for breathingwishes
because one of your interests was ballet.

for anothersadsong
because you like Mr. Murphy and I couldnl't find a decent pic of Mikey *sheepish*

for awoken
because crazy space incest is hot! *shrug*

for theferretgirl
because *you* *write* *Wesley* and it's the best Wesley around. D'oh.

for rayne_y_daze
because I wanted to make you an Ethan icon and then took a look around your userpics and figured that you have every pic of him I could possibly have...

for morbidmuse
because we were talking about them, and I've figured why not?

for catvampcrazines
because we both like Fred and I wanted to make it in colours to match your current layout...

for cala_jane
because... well, kinda obvious.

for medie
because your userinfo told me you like Daniel *nodnod*

for wisdomeagle
because whenever I think of you I think of the Library Science and all your other *amazing* Fred fics...

Hope you like them :)

And now... Rec me something. Seriously, I need good, angsty, fantastic fic.
Right now my obsessions, of which I'd love to read some more, are:
*Kara/Lee and Adama/Roslin of BSG
*Veronica/Logan (use the term LoVe and DIE) of Veronica Mars
*Trio!fic of HP
*Good Snape fic of HP (preferably Snape/Lupin and/or Snape/Tonks but I'll take what I can get)
*Fred fic (preferably Wes/Fred, Giles/Fred or Lilah/Fred, whole Illyria thing also welcomed.)
I want something angsty but with a good ending, or something angsty that would make me weep or something... well, just something really, really *good*

Rec me something and I'll even make you an icon, eh?

Also. New, wintery, layout, featuring Natalie Portman. Go, see, tell me what'd'ya think.
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