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Wesley recs

my top 5 of Wesley fics for buffyversetop5
I'll stop reccing those when someone tells me to stop.
Or maybe not.
Reccing is FUN.

Budysuit by gwynnega
Wesley/Faith (with guest-starring Illyria).
Funny and tragic at the same time, and that's not so easy to achieve.

Science Fiction Double Feature by doyle_sb4
Wishverse, kind of. Delicious oddness, general fucked-upness and... well, it's simply very, very awesome.

Chess by wisdomeagle
Beautifuly constructed, enticing, captivating... I need to buy a damn thesaurus to give justice to this fic.

Love Translated by janedavitt
It's a valentine lovestory. Yes. Wes/Lilah valentine lovestory, you've read that right. And yet, somehow, Jane manages to make it work. Amazing.

Gone Hollywood by wisdomeagle
Ahem. Joss/Alexis, Joss/Wesley
This is one fucked up fic. As one of the commenters said, and I couldn't say it better myself: definitely one of the stranger fics I've read, and I loved every sentence of it.
Yes, I think wisdomeagle needs a shrine sometime soon.
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