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Ahem. I love my family, but three days straight with them... not. so. fun.
Anyways. I'm tired and probably going to sleep soon (as soon as I catch up on my flist, which for now is to skip=300 and still on 24th...), but I just wanted to share this.

We're watching TV and they mention something about homophobia or whatnot. My Uncle W. (whom I actually thought as gay, to be honest) goes something like this: "It's not right for them to flaunt this right in front of normal people."
I look at him.
My Grandpa (who *is* a homophobe and a half) looks at him.
You need to know that my Grandpa and my Uncle disagree on *every* topic. Just because.
I can see Grandpa thinking.
"They *are* normal people. They can't help it if they love men."
Grandpa goes to kitchen.
Uncle W. winks at me.
Me cackles.

Teh. Awesome.

I so need to find my Pride icon.
Tags: family, random insanity
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