Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Two days till the break. Two days till the break.
Well, technically it's still three days but I'm done with classes for today so...

Things done with: TEFL, Aids in the Classroom, Descriptive Grammar, French, British Life and Insnitutions, Phonetics.
Still to do: History and Varieties of English (exam on Feb 2nd), Practical English (final on Friday), Philosophy (Friday)


So, I have some time today... I feel like meta-ing. Come on, challenge me.
I'll write any essay about Buffyverse or StarWarsverse.
I may be persuaded to write in other fandoms if it's a fun topic (and one I know something about).
I will write ship manifestos and character essays too, but with those you have to choose something I actually like (you are on my flist, you should know what I like, duh :D)
Tags: random insanity
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