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SG-1 finale

Let me take a moment to say that I'm through with cliffhangers. They are not funny anymore. Please, stop.

Denethor. FUNNY.
His daughter was pretty. And definitely crushing on Cam.

Which leads me to: Cam is love. "Kel-no-reeming". Hee. Also. Is it me or are they now setting him up with Daniel? I mean, seriously, through most of the season he was very much fangirling Teal'c. But now it's all about him and Daniel.

Teal'c is love as well. "Easter Bunny". Hee. Though I was sure he was going to call on Baal, not the Alliance.

Daniel is more love than ever. Although, making notes on books? WTF? I mean, I know that by now he may be all 'Oh, Ancient Texts, Whatever', but still, writing on them? Nuh-uh, don't think so. But him shooting the control device was AWESOME. And the timing thing... Once was funny, twice was... well, actually, even more funny. Way impossible, but funny.

I don't like the new ship commander, Colonel-what's-his-face. I miss the old one.

"You have no space suit that would fit me." He. I love all the Asgard. Thor and Hermiod are my favourites, but I love all the Asgard.

Also. Is it only me that want to shout when they're butchering the Arthurian mythology? I know it's a TV show, and yes, I obviously watched Xena for the history lesson, but I really want to yell when on the one hand Daniel explains the *common misconceptions* and on the other one they are making all the usual mistakes of the movies? I know I'm biased as a someone who is obsessed with Arthurian legends, but PLEASE.

Also. I want new shit in the next season. The whole 'aliens with god-complex' is getting tiresome.

And I want more Daniel in leather pants. Doing the wiggle.

And I want them to go all Da-Vinci's Code on us and have the Sangreal be a bloodline and have Vala's kid be the ultimate weapon, because that would be cracktastic.

And I want Morgaine Le Fay, if we're going all Arthurian.

And I want Adam Baldwin.

And I want the Wraiths come to Earth and Cam going all 'We just defeated god-like beings with help of a dead wizard and his magic stone and you are brining us Space Vampires? That's low.'

And oh, my, I want Cam/Rodney because dude, awesome.

And I want Ronon and Teal'c in one room. Doing whatever, I just want them in one room.

And Oh My Goddess, I want a musical episode of Stargate next season. Teal'c singing! Daniel and Cam in thights!

Most of all I want SEASON 10 NOW.

And more coffee. Because clearly I am not hyper YET.

Also, BSG is still not dloading. I've given up. Cala is nice and Cala will share. *bows to Cala and her superior net-speed*

I'm thinking of going Friends Only... Too many RL people start sniffing around the LJ. What'd'ya think? FO?
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