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My net was down for the day, because my provider apparently decided they don't love me anymore (but the guys in the helpline do, since we now have a very close relationship after me calling them up seven times in an hour...).
When it was back up, my Mom took over, and if you ever have a depression I really recommend watching my mother trying to fight pop-ups... *click* *click* *click* DIE YOU FUCKER! *clickclickclick*
Awesome stuff.

Mom being awesome, part 2.
Yesterday, Poland-Croatia football game? We watched it, me and mom together. Yeah, weird, but hey, weirder things happened... probably.
Ten minutes into the game:
Me: Which goal-keeper is ours?
Mom: The yellow one.
Me: Okay. *pause* Then why are we trying to shoot at his gate-thingy?
Mom: We're not. They are.
Me: No, we are.
Mom: No, they are. See, the blue ones are trying to get the ball in, the yellow one is trying to save it.
Me: Mom, we are the blue ones!
Mom: No way! We are the white and red ones!
Me: No, they are! See, the blue ones have Polish names on their backs!
Mom: *pause* Who are we playing with, anyway?

Also, a highlight of the day?
Grandpa called. He rarely calls, usually my Grandma does. And this may be the reason why...

Grandpa: So... *pause* How are you?
Me: So great! It's negative!
Grandpa: *long pause, then, carefully* What?
Me: Pregnancy test, of course.
Grandpa: Is your mother there?

I swear, it's too easy. I know I shouldn't, I know, but I was caffeinated and just finished watching King Baby ep of CSI, can you blame me?

And on the topic of CSI. Am I the only one who thinks they are really lucky all the crime scenes are in really clean houses? I mean, if I was ever killed in my room? They wouldn't find anything. Or rather, they would find a lot of shit, but no useful out-of-place purple fibres on spot clean white carpet. Instead, they would find many different fibers, paper-clips, little paper bits, random nail... I mean, seriously, when I watch the show I have this need to clean up my room so they can find my killer... it passes in about five seconds, so that's good, though.

And randomnly, I wonder what happened to all My Little Ponies I used to have. Did I give them away? Probably, yeah, but maybe they are in one of the boxes in the basement... *ponders*
I know I gave the movies away, which was stupid, cuz now I kinda want to watch the one with the muddy thing filling up the valley... it was kind of fun...
On the related note, if you hadn't read My Little Ethereal/Occult Beings by lovelyzelda (a My Little Pony/Good Omens crossover) then you've never read the ultimate crack. I dare you not to laugh once while reading it. Come on, try :D
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