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A year in fic.

There will probably still be one more fic this year, but then I'll just edit the post ;D.



A Place In Time. Mal/Wesley.
Uncharted. Faith/Illyria.
Pulse. Giles/Faith.
Time and Place. Fred/Inara.
Chinese Whispers. Giles/Faith.
Love Will Leave You Bruised. Buffy/Faith.
Stuck With You For A While. Simon/Wesley.
A Story of Shoes and Cookies. Buffy/Giles.
Using the Library Computers, Rules of. gen, Giles/Xander slightly implied.
Burn The Bridges As You Cross Them. Giles/Faith.
Feels Like Home. Buffy/Giles.
Now I know how Joan of Arc felt.Lilah, Giles, Lilah/Wesley.
Lines in the Sand. Illyria, Wesley, Fred.
The May/December thing. Giles/Dawn.
Rough Draft. Giles/Ethan.
It's not stalking, if you happen to be in the same bar. Giles/Ethan.
Singularity. Cordelia/Gunn/Wesley.
One of those Epiphany Thingies. Giles/Buffy.
The Benefits of the Tropical Virus #298. Giles/Xander.

Guises. Bruce/Harvey.
Between. Bruce/Harvey.
Night Lights. Bruce/Gordon.
Through the Holes in your Veins. Bruce/Gordon.
First Times. Bruce/Gordon.
Through the Hole in the Sky. Bruce/Gordon.
Into Morning. Bruce/Gordon.
That place inside. Bruce/Gordon.
Unfold. Bruce/Gordon.
Always. Bruce/Gordon.
Some Mornings Are Stranger Than Others. Bruce/Gordon.
Night Visit. Gordon/Bruce.
Ever Since. Gordon/Bruce.
Here Inside. Gordon/Bruce.
Could Have Been Worse. Gordon/Bruce.
Inside Out. Gordon/Bruce.
Drifting. Gordon/Bruce.
Work Hazards. Gordon/Bruce.
Test Drive. Gordon/Bruce.
Solid Ground. Gordon/Bruce.
Common Ground. Gordon/Bruce.
Breaking New Ground. Gordon/Bruce.

Patterns (things you think about). Sheldon Hawkes/OC
Collide. Mac/Stella/Flack.

After the Ever After. Susan/Ella.

Good Omens:
Awkward. Crowley and Aziraphale.

A Little Arrangement, Or How To Manipulate A Winchester For The Greater Good. Ruby, Castiel. Sam/Ruby and Dean/Castiel implied.


Głuchy Telefon. Giles/Faith.
Zasady Korzystania z Komputerów w Bibliotece. gen.
Spal Za Sobą Wszystkie Mosty. Giles/Faith.
Niezręczna Sytuacja. Dobry Omen.
.... Lilah, Giles, Lilah/Wesley.
Słowa, słowa, słowa. Jo Harvelle.
Linie na piasku. Illyria, Fred, Wesley.
Brudnopis. Giles/Ethan.
To nie obsesja, jeśli przypadkiem jesteście w tym samym barze. Giles/Ethan.
Danse Macabre. 5 śmierci Ruperta Gilesa.
Apokryf. BtVS gen.
Trzy najgorsze apokalipsy. BtVS gen.
Trzy Wycieczki do Świata Coca-Coli, Atlanta, GA. BtVS, SPN, Doctor Who.
Godziny Odwiedzin. Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent.
Fragmenty. Giles, Illyria.
Przesłodzone Buffy/Giles.
Impresja. Darla/Drusilla.
Rytm. Buffy/Spike.
Nawet, jeśli cię kocham... Giles/Jenny.
Narzeczona Szejka, i inne powody do uprawiania seksu. Giles/Anya.
Piosenka o Końcu Świata. Giles/Faith, inne.
Między okładkami. Wesley/Angel/Angelus.
Zamykam oczy (i cały świat umiera). Fred/Wesley.
Zasady (są po to by je łamać?). Giles/Faith.
Za tęczą, hen (Moje Małe Wampirki). AtS/My Little Pony crossover.

Total: 71 stories in 6 fandoms. 7 if you count My Little Ponies ;D.

My best story(ies) of this year: Chinese Whispers, it's depressing like hell, but it touches on nice themes. Through the Holes in the Sky, I think it's my best Batman story so far.

My favorite story of this year: I had great fun writing the Groundverse, it's fluffy and fun and nice and adorable. But I also think that After the Ever After came out nicely, and as much in Pratchett style as I could manage.

Most fun story to write: Common Ground. And 'Za tęczą hen'.

Sexiest story: Through the Holes in Your Veins, I think. I like the sensuality of it.

Story with the single sexiest moment: Into Morning has sex on the balcony, during a party, then a morning sex scene, and sometime later, office sex. I can't choose between them, really.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Impresja wins, hands down. (I'll translate it into English at some point, I promise.) Darla/Drusilla, and it's wrong as hell.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Collide, I think. I started to write it for juana_a, not knowing how the characters are going to deal with the setting, and they surprised me in some ways. Especially Mac.

Hardest story to write: Ever Since. The shifts in time almost killed me, but I love this story so much. And, in some ways, Solid Ground, dealing with death and grieving in a real way that would be true to the characters? Not easy. I hope I managed.

Biggest Disappointment: Between. I love the story, but I wanted to take it that much farther, and have a real shippy story. Didn't work out. Maybe some day.

Biggest Surprise: Rytm. I actually had fun writing Spuffy, who knew?

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Into Morning shows a lot of my kinks, in a mild way.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?: A helluva lot more. Honestly, I wanted to write more than I had before, I even resolved to. But did I think I'd manage to finish NaNo? Nope. Write 71 fics, and some of them in Polish? Nope. Great year. And a new pairing, too, Gordon/Bruce. Big surprise, wonderful thing.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2007?: Bruce Gordon, clearly. I joked recently, that my fic are divided into pre-TDK and post-TDK. I hadn't expected to write Spuffy, either, or Darla/Drusilla. I wrote more Faith/Giles than Buffy/Giles this year, which is weird. I wrote my first kidfic, too.

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?: I tried writing stories in parts, which I've never done before. I wasn't sure if I can keep being interested enough to finish... well, five multi-chaptered stories later, I kind of think I can. ;D

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?: I have a whole list. And some of those aren't even Gordon/Bruce ;D
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