Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Weeee. Culture and Art exam?

I fcuking rule!

The test was alright, not good not bad, but then there was the oral part and weee, I've got a question about Vermeer. Which incidentally, was the only painter aside from Da Vinci that I could actually talk about...

...I can talk about anyone who was played by Mr. Darcy.

And yes, I'm shallow.

But still. Weeee!

(only 4 exams left now. weeee *L*)

Just because I like saying this: Weeeeeeeee!

(also. Polish tv, polsat, will be showing Grey's Anatomy since July. I mean... Woah. It's a relatively new show and we'll have it! And not on cable, on regular tv station! Talk about weeee! *L*)
Tags: school stuff
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