Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

And once again I've learned about the important world events from my flist.
You rule, people.

And there seems to be a pattern. I would think the universe hates me, but I do not think I'm important enough for the universe to go to such lenghts as blowing up buses to ensure I don't go to London.
My Mother is talking about Signs (she pronounces the capital letter, believe me), though.
7.07? I went to book my London trip.
Of course I didn't.
Today? My mom was finalizing stuff for us to go to London on Saturday.
Of course we won't.

Dear Al-Kaida (or whoever the fuck you are this time, you fuckers),
Great timing, thanks.

No love,

Okay, the egocentric rant done, thank you for listening. My idiot-box says no one was killed, but all of you Londonners? Okay? Pissed of? But okay, right?
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