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Phone rings.
Me: Hello?
Guy: Hi, sweetheart!
Me: Erm, who is it?
Guy: Don't play with me, honey. You know very well who is it.
Me: I really don't.
Guy: Are you still cross with me? I told you it was just sex. She doesn't mean anything to me.
Me: I think you've got wrong number here...
Guy: Now, honey. I know you are mad, but you know you are the only one, right?
Me: I really think you have a wrong number...
Guy: ...I was kinda drunk and it kinda happened, but I didn't mean to, you know?
Me: I'm sure.
Guy: So, you believe me?
Me: Of course. Although I still think you are calling the wrong girl.
Guy: Kate?
Me: Nope.
Guy: Oh. Sorry. Is this *gives number*?
Me: No.
Guy: Oh.
Me: Yeah.
Guy: But you sound kinda hot. Wanna hook up?

Me: *headdesk*
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