Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

THUD OMG (+random survey)

Finally, finally, finally I got 'Thud'. Heee a lot. That's mostly why I was AWOL lately, reading it twice in a row because you know, Vimes!
I've heard some people complaining that the Discworld's books are becoming less funny... Maybe. But oh, so much more actual *fun*.

Also. Welcome to all new people who I friended/they friended me lately. Hi! *waves*
If you'd like, could you answer so I'd get to know you better? (if you're here for some time now, feel free to fill that one out too :)).

1. Name. Or whatever you want to go by :)
2. Date of birthday (so I can remember and do stuff :))
3. Favourite imaginary/television boyfriend/girlfriend.
4. Why are you using the icon you're commenting with? ;)
5. First book you've ever read?
6. Favourite movie of all time?
7. Your 'Lost' pet theory?
8. Logan or Duncan?
9. Tell me a lie about yourself.
10. Your favourite kink?
11. Do you have a Christmas Wishlist? (if yes, gimme link. If no, GO and MAKE one. no pressure.)
12. One pairing you secretly ship even though it's very unpopular.
13. How many Jedis does it take to change a lightbulb?
14. What is on your playlist/iTunes/whatever now?

Tags: random insanity, survey, thud
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