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Drabbles, Watcher style (among other things...)

So, I had a descriptive grammar test today that I screwed up *totally*.

Whatever :D

Really, I don't care... I knew everything, but generally wrote crap, no idea why... the minute I returned the sheet I knew exactly what I did wrong... I totally forgot to separate the article, and messed up modifivation with complimentation, and in one *clearly* modification phrase mistook head and the modifier... And though the rest of the class is apparently totally crestfallen... I'm unusually cheerfull...

Well. Tomorrow Phonetics and Listening tests... I should go and study, but... well, I'll go and study. One screwed up test for a week that has only three working days (note to Americans and other aliens :D - 11th is the Polish Independence Day, so we have 12th, which is Friday free on University too. Teeheee - long weekend on the horizon! Will write fics! Will read fics! Oh, and write the essays.... blah)

Anyway. On psychology today I was way bored. Tried to draw, but I'm crap, so started to write drabbles again... Anyone who sits around me on lectures think I'm insane now, since I was counting words to get exactly 100... and of course was wiritng slash :D...

Kay, three Giles/Wesley drabbles... I guess the *Smile* is a pure fluff.... huh, weird, for me :D



They just don't understand it here.

For them, it's a beverage like every other: tastes pleasantly, smells nicely, nothing more.

They don't inhale the unique, deep scent first, don't marvel in its rich aroma.

They don't reveal in warmth of the cup, in slowly closing the distance between it and their lips.

They don't await and savour the very first sip, the smell, taste, consistence and heat, all mended together, gently caressing your tongue.

Wesley does, however.

He knows and understands that sensation on your lips, the state of fullfillment, the sweet calm afterwards...

We often do drink tea together.



There's an overused proverb about still waters. True, like all old sayings, but doesn't cover everything. Waters completely still on the surface, run wild in their depth.

And everything wild needs to be tamed sometimes...

And occasionally? It needs to be let lose.

I do both for him.

I let him scream when he's close, and then I make him beg for permission to come, teaching him control and obedience.

Afterwards he puts his glasses back on his nose and adjust his tie. "Thank you, Wesley" he says in that flat tone of his, and I nod.

Everything is still.



Rupert doesn't smile often.

Xander can elicit exasperated smile from him, Willow gets gentle grins, and Buffy achieves wide smiles and slight chuckles.

Others get his calm expressions, or the almost invisible twitch of his lips when he directs his sarcasm on them.

At me he directed self-satisfied grins he tried to hid, when he won one over me, when Buffy chose him again.

Then he started giving me soft smiled from over the books. I would earn a grin of amusement of acknowledgement...

Now I can make him laugh heartily.

Now there's the soft smile at morning... simply beautiful.

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