Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Oh, look, Noelia actually wrote something! *rolls eyes at self*

during Hole in the World.
written for btvsats_love's prompt: 'Fragile'

So tragically fragile.

Her face is imprinted under his eyelids, always was, but now... Her skin is porcelain, so easily damaged. Her veins a complicated blue web, too visible. Her hand cold when it grips his, but she's burning from inside.

Fred's dying.

Before, even when he wanted so desperately to protect her, he always thought she was the strong one.

So desperately fragile.

He remembers his mother wrapping a gift for someone, a delicate porcelain figurine... wrapping it in white cotton, to protect it from everything.

He tucks Fred in her bed and watches as she breaks.
Tags: ats, drabble, fanfiction, fred
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