Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I'm easily amused.

For my TEFL course I need to prepare types of exercises I would give children for them to learn some topics in English. Right now we're doing tasks that help children memorize vocab connected to appearance *and* asking/answering questions.

So, this is the exercise. Each kid gets a card with a picture and two descriptions. The picture shows how *you* look. Descriptions tell you whom you are looking for (members of your 'family'). You ask other people questions on their appearance (which they know because they have their photos, just like you do) and they answer you. Only when you are *sure* someone is your kin you may introduce yourself.
Each member of the family has two people to find, and each person is searched for by two other people (A looks for B and C, B looks for C and D, C looks for D and E, D looks for E and A, and E looks for A and B). The task is to find your entire family this way.

I had to prepare a family of 7 people for that... So.
Kara looks for her cousin Sharon, and her uncle, Saul.
Sharon looks for her father Saul, and her uncle, William.
Saul looks for his brother, William, and his sister-in-law, Laura.
William looks for his wife, Laura, and his brother-in-law, Gaius.
Laura looks for her brother, Gaius, and her son, Lee.
Gaius looks for his nephew, Lee, and his niece, Kara.
Lee looks for his sister, Kara, and his cousin, Sharon.

And yes, I did use pics cut out from Dreamwatch and SFX, why do you ask?

Also. Have tomorrow the first observation class before my actual *teaching* classes. I'll let you know how it went :D
Tags: random insanity, school
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