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It too ke a while, mostly because of the Uni, and the fact that I was feeling sick and couldn't really stare at the screen for longer than ten minutes or I was going to puke. Answers to the pairing meme


I have to admit season 4 is probably the least watched by me. Seasons 1 to 3 were/are on Polish TV and I was downloading s5 as it was on, but s4 I have only few eps of... So I never got really accoustomed to Gwen. But she certainly is a fun character and I loved seeing her with Gunn, much more than I liked Fred/Gunn (I'm a Wesley/Fred girl, sorry ;)).

Again, the trouble with Gwen. I don't know her well enough to ship her with anyone, but when it comes to it, I think I liked her more with Gunn than with Angel.

I'm undecided, actually. As long as they don't act on it, I quite like them, especially in their early phase, more than friendship but not yet a relationship. Then the whole Connor drama made me went *blah*, too soap-operay for me. But then they kinda sold me with the You're Welcome ep where Cordy was absolutely, utterly brilliant and I decided that maybe I like A/C after all... I think the problem with me is that I don't like main characters and main relationship. Bangel, Spuffy, A/C, they all made me go *whatever* through most of the time. And I think that I'm the happiest when there is UST involved, even if I yell at the screen to *do* something already I get totally disinterested when they *do* get together...


Don't carfe much, really. It's not that I dislike the pairing, it's just that I'm not interrested in it. It was fun on BtVS but now I sometimes have hard times thinking of Cordelia in terms of who she was on that show, I have too clear idea of AtS!Cordy...

I'm not much into femmeslash. That said, I really like Buffy/Willow, though. They have an amazing friendship that I could easily see transformed into love - that is actually the case with all four core scoobies for me.

omg, OTP, so much. This was my first OTP in BtVS. See, My Buffy watching can be divided into two periods. First, when I watched it on Polish tv. It was late on school nights, and I always forgot to watch it and I really didn't care that much, even though I I quite liked it. Then I've seen s6 finale in French tv and decided that maybe I want to watch the whole show. I started downloading. And the eps that were easiest to download were s5 and s6. So, I've never had that 'omg!he'slikeherfather!' drama, because I've got into the show when they were already functioning as partners. I think anyone watching the show can say they love each other, it's just a choice to see them as in-love or not.


Firefly is another of those shows where I ship everyone/everyone, pretty much, but especially the Inara/Mal/River/Simon/Kaylee line. (which goes in circles and I can ship every combination of the above). Mal and Simon strike me as very similar and very different at the same time. They both follow their own, very strong moral codes, they both do everything to protect people they feel responsible for, they both have a bit of darkness lurking inside. They come from totally different backgrounds, totally different stories, but there is that common ground between them... Yes, I can imagine them together. Of course, the fact that they are both majorly hot helps a lot.

Oh, my guilty pleasure pairing... so little good fics about them. (any recs, eh?). Book and Inara are both characters that fascinate me most in Firefly. Not ones I really, really adore (even if I do, because I adore everyone there...), but the ones that I find most interesting. There are few moments of their interractions that left me longing for more. So, yeah. I would love to see/read more of them.


Don't like them. It may be my regular ani-protagonist-ness, but something about bothers me. Which is weird, since Jack is exactly the type of guy I usually adore and I don't have anything against Kate... they just don't click for me. *shrug*

Slightly better, but still, much with not caring part. I'm 'whatever' about most Lost pairings, though...

Same as above. Heaven knows why. The formula is fantastic, characters should click, but they don't, for me anyway.

I was a huge fan at the beginning, when we thought Jin was a total jerk and I thought Sun should be wtih Michael. This is one of the places were Lost surprised me in a positive way, making Jin one of the most likeable people on the island and made me rethink the M/S relationship. They would be cute, but I don't want that to happen now.

See above. At the very beginning I thought Jin was an asshole. Then they showed his ep and... well. Now he's one of the people I like the most and Jin/Sun one of my fav ships.

Mr. Eko/Locke
OMG. When I was watching the last ep I was thinking along the lines of 'I'm not for mpreg usually, because eeew, but Mr. Eko and Locke should hook up and have pretty, mysterious, seriously creepy babies and they would own the world!'.
Locke/Eko is LOVE.

Veronica Mars

I would go 'huh?' if you asked me three months ago. But now? I'm going 'interesting'. Point me to the fics *nod*
Also... is it only me or is Lamb getting... well, hot?

Disturbing. I never thought of that pairing before... am not sure I *want* to think about that pairing at all... Erm... I'm thkinking now. Damn it. Anyone knows any fic?

OTP much? I disliked Logan at first, I admit. But sometime during the show he... well, it changed, a lot. Now he's one of my favourite tv boyfriends, and since he's younger than me, that says a lot. I didn't think Veronica/Logan would work, and thought half of my flist was mad (I came to the show few eps before the s1 finale...) but then... yeah. They are both amazingly fucked up on many levels, and together they somehow work.
Although? Use the term 'LoVe' and die. Seriously. Awful name.

So much love, again. I'm not usually one for threesomes, I prefer normal pairings, but there is something intriguing about this one, each pair relationship so strong and so fucked up. Generall, together with Lilly their are my second (after core Scoobies) OT4.

Intriguing, definitely. I've recently discovered incest doesn't squick me out like it used to (I realised it while happily shipping Simon/River and forgetting they actually *are* siblings. *shakes head at self*) and Lilly fascinates me. She seems to consume everyone she touches, and every relationship she has is painfully screwed up and beautiful, just like she is...

Same as above, that four are awesome :).

Love. The hotness, the violence, the *snark*. Snarky Logan is my absolute favourite and Weevil just seems to bring that up in him... Plus, it is actually shown that they *can* work together if they have to, so YAY.
And they're hot.

I don't think I've read much of this one. And I'm not sure it's very probable... but it would be hot. And angsty. And well, fun to read.

One of my first pairings on that show were Weevil/Veronica and then Weevil/Logan. Combining those two would be pretty much awesome. I don't think it would work as an actual ship, but as a one-night-stand? most definitely.

Veronica/Principal Clemmons
I always liked Clemmons, but didn't pay him all that much attention until his last Machiavelli episode because dude! awesome! I don't think I'd want to see him and Veronica together in romantic/smut way, but I adore all their interractions.

Battlestar Galactica

Love. I always had a soft spot for soldier/politician interractions and they take it to a whole new awesome level. Sometimes I think they are already acting like a married couple and mother/father of all others :)

Aaah, pilots. I have a serious love for pilots and Lee/Kara was my bsg otp from the very beginning I started watching it.

The love triangle between Tyrol, Boomer and Helo
Fascinating. I'm still undecided if I like her with Tyrol or Helo, seriously. I change my mind every ep, especially since I adore them both...

Also. Go and vote on wes_stillness' battle royale of LIMS. Remember to vote for your LEAST favourite icon.
The tie there is killing me (especially since they extended the voting, BLEH).

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