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1. I've won the LIMS at wes_stillness!

2. I have no descriptive grammar classes till the end of the semester, apparently, so I have a late start at Uni today, which means I could spend the night over at Cala's and that means I'm not writing this from her 'puter and using her weird keyboard and very, very irritating mouse with only three buttons and no scroll which is kinda annying, because my middle finger keeps scrolling down the air.
And Cala went to work so I'm bored.

3. I've won the LIMS

4. After classes I have teacher's practice again, and this time it's not with kids (because maaaaaan. that was... scary. A band of screaming, running ten- and eleven-years old who insisted on kicking each other in the shins and totally refused to do anything even remotely resembling classes...) but with adults. And yes, it will be tiring, because I have two lessons in a row, and they're not one-hour like with kids, but 90 minutes each, but whatever. I'm kinda excited anyway.

5. Cala has some weird-ass things in her music folder.

6. I'm doing art_battle with Cala, lately. (First Round: Jessica Alba, Second Round: Amy Acker if anyone is interested). I would be happy to do some more battles, because it's FUN. Anyone?

7. If anyone hadn't read wisdomeagle's Gone: Hollywood (Joss/Alexis, Joss/Wesley), then you should, should, should. I've discovered it recently when she made an awesome commentary to it and am totally in love. Go and read. Like, now.

8. My phonetics finals will consist of me reading Pratchett, hee. Yes, I could choose my text, so it's nothing to be really excited about, all I had to do was to choose something I could *hear* (like an audiobook), but still. Hee.

9. Did I mention I've won the LIMS?.

That is all. Now I'll go and hunt Cala's bookmarks for fic. Oh, well.
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