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Fred recs

This warrants a re-post, so sorry if you're seeing this twice.

My top 5 Fred fics in 2005, for buffyversetop5

1. The Girl in High Castle by mosca
PG-13, AU from "A Hole In the World."
There are many variations on the Hole in the World and how it could go different, but very few show such an unique view of Fred.

2. The Periodic Table of Wesley by idyll
PG Post-Lineage Fresley.
This is as much a Fred fic as it is Wesley's, but it's unique, original and fantastic. Not to mention, it will make your inner geek squee with excitement.

3. Library Whispers by wisdomeagle
NC-17 Fresley set in s4.
Frankly, I adore wisdomeagle. Her every fic is an absolute delight and I couldn't decide which one(s?) I wanted to include here... I've decided on this one because my favourite side of Fresley, dark, dirty, sexy and captivating...

4. Heads/Tails by doyle_sb4
PG Fred/Tara revolving around A Hole in the World.
I couldn't not rec any femmeslash. Again an author whom Fred stories I adore and couldn't decide... this one gets my vote for being original, dream-like, and utterly gorgeous.

5. Library Science by wisdomeagle
PG-13 Fred/Giles for nevermet ficathon.
I simply couldn't not include that. It was written for me in that ficathon, and if there is a story I love more than any other, it's this one. Fantastically constructed around Dewey Decimal System, true to the characters, simply perfect.
Just read it, kay? ;)

Also. Have anyone seen the gifts LJ is giving us this year? All fun, but I don't use the storage anyway...
Can I exchange it for, like, extra pics?
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