Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Giles' recs

for buffyversetop5.

five Giles' fics that I loved this year.

Ever Since the World Began by wisdomeagle
PG Buffy/Giles.
It's sweet but not cheesy, cute but not sugary, it's a perfect B/G happy fic. And the first paragraph *always* gets me. Also, I can't *not* rec wisomeagle's fics, seriously. They are all awesome.

Bugger the Hellmouth by beadtific
PG Buffy/Giles again.
Again, a sweet Buffy/Giles fic. I am such a sucker for those, but beadtific writes the best B/G fluff around.

Dead Kings by sage_theory
R Giles/Illyria. Or Giles & Illyria, I think.
A change of the mood, for sure. No more fluff or sweetness, this one is harsh and scary, and oh my god so brilliant.

kink!verse PWP by psychoadept
NC-17 Giles/Wesley.
This is pure porn. Kink, D/s, bondage, the usual... but how amazingly written.

The Beginning, Another Beginning, and Some Stuff That Happened In-Between by stoptocheer
It's Giles/Xander and it's brilliant. Funny and sweet and heartbreaking and oh so utterly lovely.
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