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I've figured that I will post what I can today... we cannot have lj that looks empty...


This was written some time ago, during my finals, to cheer up Cala, who was feeling bad and tired about her finals...

Xander really tries.

He is supposed to learn, to concentrate, to at least try to prepare for
tomorrow's exam.

Not an easy thing when someone is trying to disctract you all the time.

Oh, he is subtle, he can be if he wants to.

But it's in the way he moves around the flat, in the way he looks at Xander,
in his smile, in his smirk, in his oh so innocent comments.

His whole body screams about being ready to fuck.

About wanting to fuck.

He can be less subtle if he wants, too.

He removes his shirt in one quick move and Xander gulps at the sight of his

He tries to think about French Revolution, but it's so difficult when you
have this body in your reach, when all you want to do is touch it, feel it,
taste it...

The book that was innocently sitting on Xander's lap goes a little bit
higher and Spike smirks.

That smirk means trouble, and Xander knows it.

How do you learn when strong pale fingers slowly unzip your flyer, running
over your lenght, teasing you and preparing you?

How do you concentrate when your cock is in his strong grip, and his hand
stroke you slowly but firmly, while the other one travels to your backside?

Are you supposed to even remember about the fuckin' exam when his mouth take
you whole, when his finger finds your entrance, when you move your hand to
his hair, and when the whole time you can feel his eyes on you, you can see
him watching you?

What do you think just a moment before you scream in ecstasy on the top of
your lungs?

'Willow will sure let me copy the answers'

Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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