Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

top 5 AtS fics that weren't recced as Fred, Giles or Wesley.
for buffyversetop5
seems to have lots of Illyria, but then again, I love Illyria...

Amoral Boundaries by wisdomeagle
It's an amazing piece of writing, character voices are spot on, characterisation fantastic, I found myself amazed with every line... Marvelous, fantastic, gorgeous imagery.

Comparative Data by flurblewig
I don't usually like Angel/Fred or Angel/Illyria, but this one is too awesome not to notice and adore. Hot and creepy and deliciously odd...

The Anachronism Girls by zgirl714
This is one femmeslash pairing that I adore, and this fic shows exactly why. Lovely and hot and woah.

Grandmother's House by doyle_sb4
Not a pairing that I expected to enjoy reading about. But this is so beautifully written, so wonderfully constructed, woven with mythos and darkness and beauty... There are fics you simply can't get enough of.

The Five Games You Play In Heaven by wisdomeagle
multiple pairings.
This is why I love wisdomeagle, right there, in a nutshell. Lovely and funny and sharp and witty and sweet and utterly wonderful. Read it. Like, now.
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