Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

my 'other' BtVS recs

top 5 BtVS fics that weren't recced as Fred, Giles or Wesley.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by doyle_sb4
Wishverse fic. Amazingly wonderful, the voices are just right, the atmosphere terrific, dark and creepy... one brilliant fic.

Fantasia by wisdomeagle
My favourite OT4 (well, alright, one of my... six faves, but that's only because the concept of One True Anything is completely lost on me). Amazingly true to the characters, amazingly well-written... well, it's wisdomeagle. It had to be brilliant.

Younger Sisters by settiai
Dawn/River (FFly crossover)
Best. crossover. ever. Amazingly funny and sweet and giggle-worthy. And the ending is veyond fantastic.

Never Lies by theantijoss
This was the pairing that I looked at, blinked and figured out someone had to be very stoned to write it. But it works, and it works amazingly well. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Proud Mary by ludditerobot
This is BtVS meets Apocalypse Now. And yes, it's an OC Slayer but it rocks, so there.

Okay, reccing is fun, but... does anyone find it even a little bit helpful? Cuz I'm thinking of reccing some other fandoms, like VM, QaF, FFly, BSG, SG and so on, but am not sure if I should spam you guys with those...
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