Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Was at party. Party was fun. Played 'I've never'. Was fun.
I should do my Philosophy homework now but it's the only subject I actually have in Polish and I can't write in Polish when I have a hangover. I tend to confuse my sz, rz, ż, cz and other fun sounds.

Also. Because supermom20 tagged me.
Ground rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "Five Weird Habits of Yourself" and the people who get tagged need to then write a LJ entry about their five quirky little habits as well as state the rules of this game clearly. In the end, you need to list the next five people who you want to tag.

1. I swear in English in rl. Even though it's not my first language.

2. I eat bread's crust first. When eating a sandwich, I eat the crust and then the middle.

3. Whenever I go to the cinema, before the movie I wonder aloud if they're going to show the 'Return of the King' trailer.

4. I'm not very comfortable with people invading my personal space and I never can figure out when someone crosses to a friend close enough to kiss them on the cheek as hello. So I invented a weird-ass rule: If you slept over at my house or I slept over at yours, you get a kiss hello. If I didn't/you didn't, you get a wave, nod, handshake or whatnot.

5. When watching a movie/tv series I've seen before, I still hope things would go different this time around and my ship would win. Sometimes I yell at the screen.

tagging: cala_jane, morbidmuse, scatterheart, marce_w, colourful_muse
You don't have to do it, though.
Tags: meme, random insanity

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