Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Remember all my whining about not being able to get LJ paid time? HEEEE. Mom just changed banks and the new one has the card *especially* for Internet payments and Hello, LJ shopping spree!


Anyways. I love Soren (one of my proffessors). On Friday we were watching Dead Like Me during class. No, seriously. My friend was giving me back my dvds and during the break someone shouted to put the dvd on (we have a tv and a dvd player in the classroom). So we did. Soren entered when it was time for class and just stood there for a few minutes, literally speechless. *giggle*
Then he shrugged and let us watch the pilot to the end, because why not, eh? :D

I'll bring QaF next.
Tags: random insanity

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