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Giles/Spike drabble

Blame cala_jane

She said that whenever I'm writing Giles slash, it's an innuendo thingy, and whenever I write S/X it gos graphic.

She wondered how would my Giles/Spike work...

What do you think? Innuendo or graphic?


It would be bloody stupid of you to believe that a man wouldn't shower for days and still look so neat.
It would also be very daft to think that every time he did he moved me out of here and into the closet.
And you may easily say that he enjoyed it, as much as I did.
I can appreciate a good show, you know, and without the Passions on, it was the second best thing...
... the first thing, actually, but don't tell it to the wanker.
And a really big thing, if I can say so myself, and you can take it however you want.
He might have known, though. I'm almost sure he liked to be the one watched, for a change.
Okay, I am dead sure. There's a reason after all why I'm calling him the wanker.
Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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