Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

SGA 216: The Long Goodbye non-spoileric review:


Heee fucking hee.

*Watching the preview came as a frakking shocker, cuz I hadn't seen 'the Critical Mass' so the whole Caldwell thing was lost on me so WOAH.
*They found the capsules. They are shiny, float in space and have people in them. Best sign of trouble I've ever seen.
*Did I mention I love the credits? Canadians rock. And they allow homosexual marriages. Canadanians, not credits.
*It's so not Elisabeth, people.
*Betcha a dollar they're not married?
*Told'ya they're not married.
*Have ya seen the kiss?
*Elisabeth kicks ass! Finally!
*Rodney/Caldwell OTP liek woah. Except not.
*Elisabeth kicks more ass!
*Divorce counseling hee. Carson, I love thee.
*It's so not Sheppard, Ronon.
*I love Rodney. Really. Sometimes I love Rodney more than I love Sheppard. Okay, not, but almost the same.
*Elisabeth really kicks ass.
*It's so not Sheppard, Teyla.
*This time it *is* Sheppard, Teyla!
* *awkward*
*Caldwell rocks. Like a rocking thing. He's still hopeless and in love with Elisabeth like woah but he rocks.

I. Want. More. Shweir. Like, now.
And I want BSG to finally frakking start, thank you.

Anyone sees post-thisep fics, TELL ME, link me, rec me, please?
Anyone sees pretty thisep icons, tell me too.

ETA: Yes, LJ, I know my password is easy and I risk hi-jacking. I kinda don't care. So stop telling me. Come on, I dare anyone (except Cala, who knows my password) to try and hijack my journal.
Tags: reviews, sga, squee

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