Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

my computer hates me. it can be the case of the world hating me in general, but my computer is the part of the world that hates me the most.

Gilmore Girls argh! I've just watched s5 till e12! and I know they are going to break up soon, or sth, and I have e13 and I'm afraid to watch it because if they break up then I'll be heartbroken and won't have eps in which they get back together, which I think is 16 or sth, and torrents broke my puter and limewire goes 1Kb/s and Kazaa hates me and no one on wirehog has it or if they have it they are offline and I was so frustrated that I couldn't sit online and I had to do sth constructive so I cleaned out my closet, which believe me, needed it so much because the doors had closing issues...

I apparently have 21 skirts. 21! I wear like, three of them! Occasionally! And I've found around 20 sweaters that I can't remember buying? And three sweaters, one skirt, four tops and one dress had still tags attached to them!

and I went shopping with my mother, never a good thing, but we bought many kinds of tea, and some coffee, and new cute coffee cup and now I'm drinking coffee out of it because it's a coffee cup so I can't drink tea from it, right, and it's my third coffee in a row and I'm not jumpy at all, but I think I'm kinda wired... my keyboard electrocuted me slightly, so believe me when I say I am wired

And I need, need, need, my Gilmore fix. Anyone has 514-517? I really, really, really need them. Seriously, I have things to swap. Or I can make you icons. Or banners. Or whatnot. Pleeeeeaseeeee.

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