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Okay, from what I see my site is up again... so the b/g vid is for downloads, and also, I uploaded my first vid ever, slashy goodness of Buffyverse and Angelverse in Weird Al Yankovic's "Which Backstreet Boy is gay" :]

Anyway... went to see Bridget Jones 2 today. Not bad. Really not bad. Mark Darcy in tweed in one scene - extra points. New, interesting spin on Rebecca storyline - good. Good soundtrack. "Pretty colours" in Thainland, a good scene... oh, and did I mention Darcy? In *tweed*?

Sorry, had my fangirl moment there, will get over it.

Anyway... today, for the first time ever, some guy tried to pick me up in the shop. Felt bloody good (am I allowed to say bloody if I'm not British? I can do a proper accent, you know? Well, okay, when I really, really try, and it's still not *that* good, but hey, I'm learning)... Give it to my new tweed coat, relatively new shoes and actually having make-up (happens, rarely...). So. He's quite good looking, so I gave him that phone number... and bonus points, when my mobile rung, he recognized the tune as Imperial March, so, knows his Star Wars, always a plus...

Well, whatever, go check out the vids.

Just don't go all at once, cuz Lycos will be angry... does anyone knows a server that doesn't yell at people cuz of 'unusual activity' on their sites? And that is free?


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