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Still one exam to go, but I don't have classes, so all is well, and I'm done with everything else and I got the results of the TEFL final and guess what? 96%! Heeeee. And also, the only A in the group.
I so rock the world.

Also, Mom left for France yesterday. And believe me, it shows. She cleaned out the entire house (apart from my room, she didn't dare) and it's spotless and, like, sterile, and all weird. And she bought things. Fridge looks as if it had food for a year. She bought two bottles of shampoo, possibly in case of me starving, then at least I could eat shampoo. She stacked the cupboard in cookies. She even bought SUGAR, so she must be really sad to leave me.
(for those of you not in the know: we're in the constatnt state of war over Sugar. Can't remember how it started, but... the rule in our house is that when you notice we're out of sth, you buy it. and it works for everything, from tea to toilet paper. But not in case of Sugar. We're constantly trying to get the other person to buy Sugar. I took to pocketing little packages of Sugar from coffee shops and stacking in them, so I still have Sugar when it's technically gone... It's a war, really).

I'm slightly behind on everything because, duh, finals, but I'm working on that. So far I caught up on Veronica Mars, and DUDE, awesome. I was actually fooled. I mean, the breakup I didn't buy at first, because it seemed theatrical, almost rehearsed, but then when she was wallowing... I bought that.
Poor Keith, too.
Wallace is awesome, but huh? What about that hit-and-run? Me doesn't like that in the slightest.
Lucy Lawless is awesomely awesome, and yes, I like the word awesome, sue me.
Much love to Lamb - he was smart enough to see through Veronica, but still not smart enough... poor woobie.
Keith, cool, hee.
I totally called that Duncan is one of the hitchhikers the first time they were showed. I was joking, but I called it. I even started to loudly wonder if he stuck the kid in his backpack, or is it in the bushes... Heh.
What's with the Lost numbers?

Gilmore Girls pisses me off somehow. Luke, I love you, really, but in two eps you managed to make probably every mistake you could do in a relationship, save for having sex with someone else, marrying someone else, and/or going to Maine for the whole summer while things are still unresolved. But hey, you did those before.
I love Luke. He just sucks at relationhsips.
So does Lorelai though, so...
And nice to see the old Rory, not the Stepford!Rory.

Supernatural. Why wasn't I watching it before?
(Cala, you are alowed one 'I told you so', and one 'I'm always right'. Any more and I'll kick you)
Not only I adore both main characters (though there's not much of people who stick around to adore them instead, you gotta admit), but the plot doesn't suck. That show totally rocks.
I need icons.

Man. I feel like cleaning my room. It doesn't match the rest of the house. Argh.
Tags: finals, gilmore girls, random insanity, school, supernatural, veronica mars

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