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I loved this ep, seriously.
It seemed different than regular Supernatural, somehow, but not in a bad way. The MotW was totally not scary. But so far only the Bloody Mary ep scared me. I had issues with mirrors for few days later.
But it may be because it was, well, more probable. In an impossible way, but still. I mean, what are the chances of a Native American curse happening to me, or a Wendigo in my city, or a Norse gods-worshipping village here in Poland?
But we do have mirrors.
(which leads me to a question, out of curiosity... had anyone of you tried the Mary thing? I've heard it's a typical slumber party dare, but it seems to be typical of American slumber parties, like freezed bra, or 'I've never'. We never do that here. And what's the frozen bra thing anyway?)
Also, the Amy Acker episode was maybe slightly scary (and I intend to call it the Amy Acker episode, even though I know the title, thank you very much. I love Amy and I want Amy on every ep. Amy should have her own show. The Amy show. I'm even considering watching Alias from now on...).
Anyways. I liked Cassie, surprisingly. And I liked how Dean was around her, as we got to see another, deeper layer of him. I still don't feel like it's the real Dean, we probably won't see that in a long time, all we get are glimpses - he is really good at the shielding himself thing.
Sex-scene. Woah. Was that WB? Woah. I was actually going 'Wait, this actually looks like real sex!'
Sam. Much love. He was so cutely amused with the whole thing... And the church ground thing at the end. Hee and hee.
I also love how they are wearing the same clothes all the time, even the suits were the ones they bought few eps back. I love shows that keep consistent with clothes. I mean, how am I supposed to believe that Buffy Summers could afford new clothes for every day for herself *and* Dawn in season 6 when they were so on and on about her financial troubles? Huh? That's why I like Veronica Mars, and Gilmore Girls, you see characters wearing the same clothes repeatedly (just look at Luke, hee.)
And one more observation. I adore Dean. And this is weird. I mean, he is not my type, far from it. Consider this: Giles, Wesley, Daniel Jackson, Simon Tam, Logan Cale... do we see a pattern? Now, do we? Dean. (and Luke Danes, come to think of it). I feel so out of it, lately. But hey, Jensen is hot. Wait, it still didn't convince me to like Alec more than Logan back in the day when Dark Angel was on... (true, Logan was played by Michael Weatherly, hot, with glasses on, hotter, and cute hair, but hey...)
Whatever. Over here.

Also, you can still give me a pairing and a word prompt
I'll get on the rest of those I got tomorrow, after the exam (and before the party I'm throwing to celebrate the fact that it is the last exam... it's my party, so it's mostly watching the whole six Star Wars movies and playing drinking game where you drink whenever you spot homosexual subtext, which means we'll be sloshed after the Phantom Menace because damn, Obi/Qui, but hey...)

I need to stop saying 'but hey'.

And I need to stop drinking Mountain Dew when studying. It makes me jumpy and bouncy and not blinking and the smoke is coming out of the keyboard when I write... Bad, bad, baaad. But hey.

Back to studying, right.
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