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Great Link-a-palooza 2006: part 1

I've promised myself that I'll do this someday, and today seems like a someday. So, here it is: my bookmarks, links, recs, resources and stuff... links gallore!
There will be few posts, mostly because there is a lot of stuff... This posts will be updated with recs as I find new fics.

rec archives
Rec50: Firefly recs various pairings, various ratings.
Rec50: Angel entries various pairings and ratings.
ship_recs. Multifandom ship recs (BSG, FFly, HP, NCIS, SG-1, SG-A among others). Quite an awesome comm.
minionsficrecs. Another multifandom reccing comm started by aliaspiral and sirkpega. (AtS, BtVS, DA, HP, FFly, LotR, GG, P&P, SW, SG among others)
bsgficrecs. Battlestar Galactica recs.
oh_shiny. Multifandom recs by naturelf (SG, FFly, LotR, HP, others)
recs. Multifandom again. Many, many fandoms. Good comm.

my recs

Alternative Lifestyle by A.C.Chapin (AU, B/G)
Bodysuit by gwynnega. NC-17, Wes/Faith, dark and amazing.
Library Science by wisdomeagle. Fred/Giles, PG-13, written for me for nevermet. I still have no words to say how amazing, lovely and fantastic this fic is.
Science Fiction Double Feature by doyle_sb4. Wes/Faith/Illyria, R.
The Sleep of Reason by alixtii. Dawn, Fred, Wesley, PG-13
Dead Kings by sage_theory. Giles, Illyria, R
In The Between by wisdomeagle Giles/Fred, PG
Grandmother's House by doyle_sb4. Buffy/Illyria, PG-13
Library Whispers by wisdomeagle. Wes/Fred, NC-17
Sweet Tooth by shetiger. Willow/Fred, R
Amoral Boundaries by wisdomeagle. Dawn/Illyria, R
It Will Not Last The Night by wisdomeagle. Fred/Lilah/Wesley, NC-17
The Five Games You Play In Heaven by wisdomeagle. Various pairings, PG-13
Chess by wisdomeagle. Wes/Lilah, R
Photography by wisdomeagle. Wes/Lilah, NC-17
If Russian Ballerinas Were French by wisdomeagle. Wes/Gunn/Fred, NC-17
How Kaylee Frye Won Two Bets in the Space of One Trip by juleskicks. Fred/Willow, PG
Heads/Tails by doyle_sb4. Fred/Tara, PG
Nothing Beside Remains by soundingsea. Wesley/Illyria, PG-13
Ashes by minim_calibre. Wes/Illyria, PG-13
Satellite Trails by doyle_sb4. Fred/Faith, PG-13
You Pretty Things by doyle_sb4. Fred/Dawn, PG-13
The Periodic Table of Wesley by idyll. Fred/Wesley, PG
Sweet Little Girls by minervacat. Wesley/Fred
Love Translated by janedavitt. Wesley/Lilah
The Anachronism Girls by zgirl714. Lilah/Fred, NC-17
Not That Guy by karabair. Wes-Fred-Gunn-orama, PG
The Girl in the High Castle by mosca. Fred, PG-13
Eight Minutes by idyll. Fred, PG
Runaways by wisdomeagle. Fred/Oz, PG
untitled by inlovewithnight. Fred/Angelus, NC-17
Comparative Data by flurblewig. Angel/Illyria, NC-17
Point of Reference by karabair. Fred/Lilah, R
Burkle, W., & Calendar, J. (1995). A non-linear representation of eight months in the lives of two graduate students. by mireille719. Fred/Jenny, PG-13
Mine Aren't Kind by voleuse. Fred/Transuding Furies, NC-17
Gone Hollywood by wisdomeagle. Joss/Alexis, Joss/Wesley, NC-17
2x5x7 Questions Posed and Answered by wisdomeagle. Fred, PG-13
Asymmetrical by sorrelchestnut. Wes/Fred, R
One Day In London by kivrin. B/G, PG.
Never and Always by wisdomeagle. B/G, PG
Bugger the Hellmouth by beadtific. B/G, PG
The Beginning, Another Beginning, and Some Stuff That Happened In-Between by stoptocheer. G/X, PG-13
Younger Sisters by settiai. Dawn/River, PG
The Comfort of Old and New by violet_quill. Remus/Giles, Aziraphale/Giles, references to Remus/Sirius, R
Ever Since the World Began by wisdomeagle. B/G, PG
Fantasia by wisdomeagle. Buffy/Faith/Giles/Wesley, NC-17
If Buffy Wants by wisdomeagle. Buffy/Giles, NC-17, Dark. Pain. S/m.
Mistaken Identity by violet_quill. Snape, Buffy, PG
Nine Travelers Who Never Were Lost by wisdomeagle. FFly/Buffy. Kaylee/Simon
Something Wicked This Way Comes by doyle_sb4. Ethan/Jenny, PG-13
Never Lies by theantijoss. Dawn/Dana, NC-17
Proud Mary by ludditerobot. OC, PG-13
December, 1998 by glimmergirl. B/G, G

Jayne's Magnificent Cock by distraction77. PG-13
Day of the Dead by fox1013. Gen, PG
Coupled Oscillation by idyll. River/Simon, R
Don't by dangermousie. Mal/Inara, PG
Vicarious by violet_quill. Simon/Kaylee, River/Kaylee, Jayne/River, R
Addiction by violet_quill. HP/Firefly, PG-13
Watching by violet_quill. Kaylee/River, PG
Professionals by inlovewithnight. Inara/Jayne
Fade Into Intention by brynnmck.
BSG/Firefly crossover by inlovewithnight.
The Stuff of Legends by hawkmoth. Gen
Touched, or Eight Fragments by lunabee34. Inara, gen, PG
the game of charm and strange by sathinks. Inara, gen
Criminal Tendencies by hawkmoth. Simon, gen.
As Dreams Are Made On by words_in_flight. Mal/Inara
Voice in Dreams by lorax. Simon
Surefire by mjules. Mal/River
Khamsin by shetiger. Simon/River
Swan Dive by dknightshade. River, PG
Weaver by kurukami. River, PG
Desiderata by jennyo. FFly/BSG crossover, Mal/Laura/Inara, NC-17
Hen House by aliaspiral. PG-13
Of Minor Chords by fox1013. River/(Mal, Inara, Kaylee, Simon?), Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, PG-13. Written for me on serenity_santa and oh, my, god, it's amazing.

Conversations Over The Front Seat by JD Sampson (S/D, NC-17)
DEAN, SEX GOD by keraha. SPN/SGA, crack, really. But cool crack.
Choices by darkhavens. S/D, PG-13
The Rules Remain a Mystery by joyfulgirl41. S/D, NC-17
The Five Times that Sam Winchester Didn't Die by blackandwhite02. Sam, PG
Normal by shay_renoylds. S/D, PG-13
What Goes Around, Comes Around by lea_ndra. S/D, NC-17
Mixed Signals by darkhavens. S/D, R
A Life Less Ordinary by marinarusalka. John, Sam, Dean, PG
i could be happy the rest of my life by traveller. dean/ofc, nc17
One Minute by deviant_dev. S/D, NC-17
Just Like by sorrelchestnut. S/D, R
Lead Us Not Into Temptation by joyfulgirl41. S/D, NC-17
Wish You Were Here by marcusflint. S/D, S/Jess, PG-13
To Hell in a Handbasket by wheebubbles. S/D, R
No Such Thing As Normal by scribblinlenore. Sam, Dean, R
Cracked by whereupon. S/D, R
Hymnal by addandsubtract. S/D, PG-13

Of Boredom, Space Travel and Things by Chelle (McShep, NC-17)
Liars, Guns and Money by dvswraatins. McShep, AU
Harlequin Atlantis by pookaseraph. McShep, PG-13
Modern Bride by hyperfocused. J/D, PG-13
Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You! by trinityofone. McShep, R, FUN.
The Big Bang and Everything After by mandysbitch. SGA/FFly. Rodney/River, PG-13
Life Signs by wisdomeagle. John/Elisabeth, NC-17
Impulse Control: Pocketful of Starlight by wisdomeagle. John/Elisabeth, R
Questionable Taste by wisdomeagle. J/D, PG-13
More Than We Are by surreallis. Sam/Daniel, PG
Stargate/Discworld by daegaer. Daniel. And erm, Death. Yeah.
Rocks in Uncomfortable Places by lyssie. S/J, NC-17
three second memory by stars_like_dust. S/J, PG-13
Stains by stars_like_dust. Sam.
Guinevere Comma Not by wisdomeagle. Daniel/Cameron/Vala, NC-17
Guy Talk by teand. J/D, NC-17

Gilmore Girls
Black & White & Read a fanfiction archive (various pairings and ratings.)
How I Spent My Summer Vacation by April Nardini by fairy_tale_echo (PG-13, L/L mostly, very sweet)
Three Letters Emily Gilmore Never Sent by jae_w. (Emily. very good)
Five Things That Never Happened To Lorelai Victoria Gilmore fairy_tale_echo I absolutely adore the '5 things' fics and this one is clearly awesome.
We Shine Like A Burning Star by fairy_tale_echo again, but she is fantastic. (NC-17, L/L, Luke/Rachel)
Turtles and Bunnies and Lulu, Oh My by trixieblue Luke and Kirk. I love Luke and Kirk.

Star Wars
Inheritance by ladylisse. Leia, G
untitled by skellingtonjon. Leia
Salvage by sharpest_rose. Obi-Wan, PG-13
Estimated Time of Departure by yahtzee63. PG
After the Battle by babel. Obi-Wan/Padme, PG-13
Stand by cupiscent. Obi-Wan/Padme, NC-17
Bodyguard by cupiscent. Obi-Wan/Padme (/Sabe), NC-17
Rumours of my Demise by cupiscent. Obi-Wan/Padme, NC-17

Next part tomorrow: BSG, QaF, VM and others.
Tags: ats, btvs, ffly, gg, links, recs, sg-1, sg-a, spn, sw

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