Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Fred Appreciation Day

inlovewithnight announced today the Fred Appreciation Day, and we all know (well, I know, and since you are on my flist you probably realised by now) that Fred is my jossverse girlfriend and Mary Sue all rolled into one.

So, here is my Fred stuff. Some new, some old, some modified to be new...
(I wanted to write fic, actually, but my muse is somewhere warm and fun and she doesn't even send a postcard, biatch)

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These are my Fred fics that I still actually like.

Significance of a Click, PG-13, canon pairings.

Playing God, PG-13.

Soul Music, NC-17, Fred/Lilah, implied Fred/Wes and Wes/Lilah. And Lilah/Fred/Wes, I suppose.

Five Death Scenes Fred Burkle Never Had, PG-13, Fred/Wes, Fred/Gunn.

Elsewhere - Fred/Wesley/Illyria vid.
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