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Life is kinda hectic right now. There doesn't seem to be much time for anything... I really need three, four more hours a day.
On the plus side, there's no time for boredom.
On the down side, there is no time for anything else.

Mom came back from France. She brought cookies. Lotsa cookies, and all fun French cookies, the kind you don't get in Poland, like, really yummy biscuits and little tiramisu cakes, and marshmallows and stuff.

Neil Gaiman's "Anansi Boys" was published here, finally. Hee.

Wrote a fic during Philosophy class. Not sure if I like it, but it seems that my muse is back, and even if she's not so good, it's still good.

5 fucks Faith never had (or maybe she did)
(rated R, various pairings)

She's fourteen and he's her teacher.
He talks of Milton and Tennyson and she is not interested in what some dead guys had to say, she's as alive as blood and desire can be.
Her back is against the blackboard and his hands are under her skirt, his fingers dry with chalk.
His lips are used to poetry, and it's the first the last, the only time when she feels like a poem, not an epitaph.

She's the darkness and Buffy is the light.
It's five minutes after dawn, in an empty warehouse, vampires' dust still covering their skin, mixed with sweat, mixed with tears.
Buffy is pretty like porcelain dolls are, rose cheeks and golden hair, and Faith never had dolls to play with before.
She feels hot breath on her skin and thinks, this is where the darkness mixes with light.

She's on the crossroads and Lilah is the temptation.
There are so different, she thinks. Ripped jeans and pencil skirts, scars and smooth skin, Chanel and the smell of death.
They are the same, no remorse, no regret, no rules. No guilt, because even if there is some, not saying there is, but maybe, maybe hidden under the layers of clothes, leather and silk, under the skin.
Lilah speaks of riches and choices and Faith thinks she has never done it in a limo before.

She's broken and he isn't her Watcher.
He was, a long time ago, and she couldn't care less. He roughened up, she calmed down, and by some twist of fate twist of knife, rough cut, blood flowing they met halfway.
He traces kisses down her stomach, their signs of betrayal so close. They're a matching set, both on the outside, both looking in.
He doesn't watch over her anymore, but maybe now they look in the same direction.

She's Faith and Dawn is...
A new beginning in a changed world.
Everything Faith should have been, might have been, is realized in her, sweetness and edge, dark eyes, clear smile.
Dawn laughs between kisses like a young girl should, and she blushes under the caresses, smiles when Faith's tongue runs down her neck.
Faith thinks that maybe she's alive again.

Also, Noelia has got a Skype now. If you want to call her (and make fun of her English, or something), it's noelia_g
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