Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Anansi Boys Polish Commercial.

Hokay. This is officially frakking wrong.
Today I've read Neil Gaiman's blog and I found out that there is a Polish commercial of his latest book Anansi Boys. Get it? *Polish* commercial. And I learn about it from THE NG'S BLOG.

So, I went to see the AB polish publisher and sure thing, the commercial was on the website. But it wasn't working for me. That is, first 15 seconds worked, nothing more.

But then I realised I KNOW THE GUY WHO PLAYS FAT CHARLIE. (It fully deserved the caps, really).

Staszek Mąderek made a commercial for Anansi Boys and I DIDN'T KNOW.

So wrong.

So, here it is, boys and girls. For your enjoyment:

MPG link (10Mb):
Divx link (40Mb):

My translation of the commercial (not very good, but hey):

Fat Charlie wasn't really fat, but the name 'Fat Charlie' was with him since early childhood.
It was given to him by his father, Anansi, whose sudden death turned around Fat Charlie's whole world.

"Your father was a god."

"I'm your brother!"

"Oh, Hi. I'm Daisy"

"Is that so?"

Spider: "Abso-fucking-lutely"

Fat Charlie enters the world of magic and ancient myths.

"They had only those."

"You made me believe in ghosts."

"That's good."

"I'll take you to a safe place."

Anansi boys. The newest creation of the literary genius, Neil Gaiman, the author of bestselling 'American Gods'.

"Spider! I would feel just as safe in a luxury hotel appartment!"


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