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It's cold outside, days are shorter and Coca Cola's Christmas commercial is already on tv - the Christmas *are* coming, then.

Time to start writing Christmas cards. I promise myself every year, that I will write them early, send them on time, and don't forget about anyone.

Always fail in one way or another... Not this year, though. I'm firmly set on doing everything right. Yep.

Anyway... On the happier note. Descriptive Gramma. Last week's quiz? That I was sure I failed? Teeeheee. Got a freakin' 60% on it, and it's just the passing mark! One of the five people in my group (which is 32 people) that did pass it! I'm totally proud of myself! Yay me! I'll go and get myself a cookie.

And... since everyone is doing this?

If I was a person from Buffy/Angel fandom, who do you think I would be and why?


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