Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

BSG season finale

You've got to be kidding me.

And I thought the winter hiatus was frakked.

Dean Stockwell rules. He should seriously be on the show more often.
"I'm not a Cylon!... oh." Brilliant, brilliant.

Loved Kara's hair. Hated Lee's hair. Adama's mustache is just wrong. Tyrol has glasses! And aaaaw, Cally's pregnant.

Kara/Thigh hugging! Aaaaw.

Lee - Kara... wtf? How on earth did they manage to fuck up their relationship so much?

Gaius. Oh, Gaius. I adore James Callis, I really do, him and Mary, because they can make a simple scene be so multi-faceted, so layered, so poignant... This is the best acting on a TV show, hands down, and it makes me angry even more that I have to wait till October to get more.

If they won't give us flashbacks to the year-in-between I shall be very, very angry. Guts for garters. feeding entrails to the cat and cups made of skulls are a definite possibility.

Does it make me a bad person if I want Anders to die?

Also. WTF New Caprica? Why Caprica? Why not Geminion or whatnot? And calling a planet by the name of a planet you already had and were attacked and wiped out on is BAD LUCK, people.

Oh, and Leoben! Weeeeee! My favourite Cylon apart from Sharon, but that's because she is pretty, pretty, and he is so. much. fun.

Gaeta is a Cylon. Oh, come on, someone has to be. Five bucks it's him?

Lee is fat. And I repear, BAD hair. I want my pretty back.

And I don't like the stuff on the planet. Gimme back my spaceships. And put Lee in a cockpit, the command doesn't agree with him: see FAT and Stupid!Hair.

Also - OCTOBER? No. Just, no.

Someone rec me fics that would make this better? Like, now?
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