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It's winter, and it's settled.

Yesterday was a completely mad day, wheather like.
First, there was blowing... a lot. Fallen trees, cars under said trees, and so.
Then, it started raining, in some sort of waves, cuz of wind... you know, you look out of the window and you see wave of the rain, then another, then another? Yep.
Then the sun started shining madly and tried to blind everyone not insane enough to wear sunglasses in November.
And then there was snow. First lightly, pretty, bug snowflakes all around... and then really madly, straight into the eyes.
Well, it doesn't matter anymore, since today the sky is prettylike, blue and all, with white clouds in places, there's hardly any wind, it's crisp, and there's snow laying around... Pretty :D

Plus, RPG tomorrow... You know, I don't like Game Mastering... you have to worry too much, and can't just lay back and enjoy. But I always end up GMing, mostly because no one else wants to. Phah. But I actually look forward to tomorrow's game, and the time-changing ep... So, yay :D

Oh! and they decided to introduce the minor/major system on my University, and in addition to English, which I'm studying in full time, I need to choose minor language. So, should Noelia choose French, German or Russian? Bearing in mind that after finishing the University she will be able to teach said language?

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