Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I've just spent four hours doing basically two wallpapers.
But I kinda like them. And I usually don't like my fanart...

The first one, Jerusalem, is of Amy Acker, where every pic is a manip...

Free Image Hosting at

From the left.

The Devil pic: Free Image Hosting at is a manip from Keira Knightley pic: Free Image Hosting at

The Angel pic: Free Image Hosting at is also a manip of a Keira Knightely pic: Free Image Hosting at

The Girl pic: Free Image Hosting at manipped from a pic of Devon Aoki: Free Image Hosting at

Now, the actual graphics:

Free Image Hosting at

This one I wanted to do for quite a while...
Giles and Fred in Da Vinci Code.

Free Image Hosting at

the manip Free Image Hosting at made from this Tatou and Hanks promo pic: Free Image Hosting at

And a WIP of another graphic: Free Image Hosting at

These are now posted only here, I'm waiting till I have more graphics (and since my muse is on drugs, it shall be soon), to post in on the Pleiades journal.
Any concrit is welcome. Snagging is encouraged :)
Tags: graphics, random insanity

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