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Teasing the teacher won't please the teacher....

...but teasing students is just damn funny.

I guess you know that I'm studying to become an English teacher?
And right now, I'm practising on innocent kid, age nine, name Asia (like mine, but whatever).

And what can I say?
Thank the merciful god, goddess, gods, satan, J.K.Rowling and whoever else for Harry Potter.

It's easy to explain the third person now. Harry is a he, and Hermione is a she, ya know?
Plural? Harry is a student, Harry and Ron are students.
Physical description? Why, did you know Ron had (gasp!) red hair? And Hermione's hair was curly? Ha!
Character description? Well, Hermione is smart, Dumbledore is wise, and Snape is (gasp! squick!) mean!

And it's so much fun to look at the kid's expression when I announce proudly that I like Snape and really can't stand Harry (unless he's with Draco, but I won't tell that to a nine-year old, right?). Tee bloody hee.

And I find I like teaching. Really, never thought I would... and although I really, really want to be translator, maybe being a teacher wouldn't be that much of a drag?

Also, the money part!

I get 30 zl an hour (which is a tremendously high price for a lesson with a university student... Guy who tutored me, and he is an University professor took 30 zl an hour... but the nice lady offered, and I won't say no to nice 30 zl, right?), which is... :::does math in her head, which is hard, cuz she studies language, not math::: around 7 to 8 dollars.
Considering that the usual hour of work is worth 1 dollar in Poland? I mean, for people without finished university who work part time...
That's amazing :]

Kay, I'll be over now, cuz I need to get my beauty sleep :D, and I'm still on antibiotics... damn tired, too.

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