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tv watch round-up

I'm almost caught up, I believe. SN dloads continue to be uncooperating, but I'll get the bastard.
And interest icons continue to be popular, so if you haven't requested them yet, do so here. If you requested and still didn't get them, don't worry, they are coming. I just got distracted by something shiny, namely, new CSI:NY episode (78 icons and counting...). I'll get them done today, though (my today, because I know my today isn't always you people's today).

To the commentaries:

Firstly, let me express my undying love towards Dick.
Dick, I love you. You continue to be more fun than all the other characters together, and I really feel for your tragic love affair with Logan.
And while we're talking Logan. Logan/Wallace squeeeee. Well, not much with the shippiness, but their almost-bonding was absolutely awesome. And Veronica's confusion at Wallace's sudden lack of animosity towards Logan? Priceless.
Also, Keith, if all those blind dates don't pay off, I'll date you. When the dates started, I was both confused and kinda eewed, because the ladies were scary. But I had Faith in Daddy!Mars and see? It was all for the case. On the topic of this, Dadd!Mars/Principal!Badass rock like a heavy rocking thing. There should be fic. Is there fic?
Veronica in the closet, hee.
Beaver continues to be cute, but where's Mac? I like Mac. I like them together. And Beaver is an idiot, actually. Cute, but moron nonetheless.
What's. with. the. dreams? Fubared, really. And I just wanted to say? I don't really care about the bus mystery. This may be wrong of me, or weird of me, considering it's, like, the main arch, but I just don't care. I'm more interested in Veronica/Logan again, *sigh*. I mean, seriously, I'm not all happy about the fact that I like this ship. First, the shippy term 'LoVe' provokes a sudden feeling of nausea. And most of the 'LoVe' shippers (I don't mean those who are on my flist. I generally mean forums... some of them, at least. Also, whenever I express believes on stupidity of some parts of fandom I never mean my flist, because I adore my flist and you can do no wrong in my eyes. There.) are moronic. But I really adore Veronica/Logan. And since few eps they are back to the ol' snarky dynamic, and weeee.
On the topic of wee. Where the hell is Weevil? This show seriously lacks Weevil. There should be more Weevil, and more Weevil with Veronica and Keith. Because, dude, LOVE (in the good way, not moronic 'LoVe' way).
Also, I think Woody is gay.
This has nothing to do with this ep, note the lack of Woody, but I just felt like saying this. He was *so* coming on to Logan last ep.
Also, no Lamb. And also, I seem to like the word 'also' way too much. But I also don't care. It's my thing (see, Cala? I said THING!).
Liked the Guidance Counsellor's new hair. Much better.
Dreams. Don't let me go on that one. Also, it feels as if it should have happened earlier in this season, or is that just me? And why is Meg so bitter? I had a feeling she was alright with Veronica before she died...
Oh, well.

I'm deeply disappointed with GG lately.
While it can be because Luke/Lorelai is now canon instead of UST (don't get me wrong, I ship L/L like a mad thing, I just think that it all went downhill since they actually started dating...), the Rory arch is disconcerting, especially since Rory still seems like a pod person to me - she might have got her shit together and got back to Yale, but she's still... I don't know, selling herself short, in a way?
But even the townies aren't fun anymore. Paris isn't amusing. Richard and Emily are not fun. Argh. Where's my show?
Now, Jess and April were fun, though. Jess is always a blast, and while I agree Rory seems better paired with Logan, I love Jess constant effect on her, the kick in the ass she always gets from their meeting, the way he keeps pushing her forward, not tying her down like both Dean and Logan do in their way. After each meeting with Jess Rory is better, wiser, more herself, more on the right path. And she really could use that now.
April is incredibly cute while not being annoying, which is good.
Lorelai. Oh, Lorelai... This is going to go so wrong soon. If they don't *talk* (all I know about relationships I've learned from TV, but I still know they should talk), this is going to blow up in the worst possible way.
Damn. And I actually wanted them to be together in the end.

Hokay. That was awesomely cool, but then again, every NY ep is.
And these has the most ridiculously pretty team since... erm, Firefly, maybe. I would totally, totally sleep with anyone in the credits, and these is just wrong. (I was going to say 'anyone on the show', but then I remembered the creepy ME. Not even his really cool glasses would convince me, and that's saying a lot).
Nice to see Mac and Stella working together. Since Aiden-Lindsay change we hadn't seen them a lot together, and I didn't even realised that (mostly because I've watched s2 first, and now am catching up on s1, and can see how much closer together they used to work...).
The whole Superman/Clark/Krypton thing... HEE. Mac's expression when he learned about Krypton was priceless.
Danny and Lindsay... now, I do ship them. I did ship them since Lindsay arrived and Danny did every possible CSI equivalent of pulling her pigtails. But the writers are trying to hard to push them together. Don't. I hate hate hate rushed relationship. That never never never ends well. The last really rushed relationship? Fred/Wesley. Wham, bam, they are together and why is she suddenly interested if she wasn't for the last two years? Oh, and OOPS, SHE'S DEAD. Rushed relationship? Baaaaad.
Also, side note. Lindsay is a joy to icon. There is no single cap of her that comes off wrong in any colouring. Seriously, I love Anna Belknap. So pretty.
But wait on the relationship, KAY? Or I'll... well, threatening to stop watch always works SO WELL.
Flack. Aww, how I adore Flack. Any interrogation scene is a joy to watch. And wee, Flack/Hawkes. So fun. Almost as fun as Flack/Danny and just as fun as Flack/Mac. But then again, Hawkes has so much chemistry with *anyone* it's scary. That guy could have chemistry with a spatula. Oh, wait. HE DID.
Not only I would sleep with anyone on this show (save Hammerback, because, please), but I also ship everyone with everyone. It's like Firefly all over again, and they started TO KILL MY CAST in this one. Though they actually killed two characters I couldn't see together... Funny, that.
Also, Lindsay interrogating the girl. Woah. And again Lindsay shows a really tough streak, and quite probably some issues...
Did I mention that Danny/Lindsay is cute? I don't like that it's rushed, but I still adore them.
Final montage, squeeeeeeeee. Lotsa squeee. And so much pretty, and aaaw, and weee. Corny, okay, but weeee.
And then there is the next week's preview.
Holy Moly Superman On a Bike.
Yes, I knew about the Tanglewood's come back. Yeah, I knew that it was going to be tough on Danny. But WOAH. Danny! Crying! Danny! Mac! Hugging! OMGSQEEEAAAAAW.
And the last part, with Stella? So, apparently Frankie is a creep, or something. Go figure. And maybe she is gonna shot him, or something.
And apparently Flack will almost die.
Note the ALMOST part, because otherwise I'll actually stop watching. FLACK. ALMOST DYING. Basturds.
Woah, are the last eps going to be a rollercoaster or what?
Is it next week yet?

In other news, I'm still making my way through CSI:Miami. And Horatio is creepy. He is the creepiest thing since... Locke, but Locke was cool creepy and Horatio is creepy creepy.
I'm still watching, though.
It's like a trainwreck.

Also, cala_jane? General, Susan/Foster or Angela/Jones?
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