Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Noelia's random

1. YouTube proves amusing.
Giles/Xander:'the Wings' awesome thing :D
CSI: Captain Planet srsly rocks.
Alias: New agent best.thing.ever.

2. Bones kinda rocks. Why didn't I get into this show sooner? Oh, well, at least now I can watch all the eps in the row...
Curious thing: while I think DB is attractive, I never fancied Angel. He annoyed me, most of the time. But Booth? Squeeee, lots of squee.

3. Still can't get over SPN finale.

4. Out of curiosity... Alias. When do Vaughn and Syd kiss for the first time?

5. Did some spring cleaning of my icons. I have now 96 of my 108 userpics uploaded. Weee.

6. If Lee Adama and Wedge Antilles were dogfighting, Viper against X-wing, who would win?

7. If I was changing my layout, should I go with CSI:NY or Alias? (or maybe just Gary Sinise, Michael Vartan, Tony Head and Jensen Ackles?)
Tags: links, random insanity

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