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Christmasy Atvs icons, and 'Clausies' thingy... :]

So what if there is still a month left to Christmas?

And it's about a week till 6th December, right? I don't know how about other countries, but in Poland, Santa comes two times a year. On Christmas' Eve, and on 6th December...

In Poland, Santa Clause is called Swiety Mikolaj, and 6th December is Mikolajki... what would it be in English? "Clausies"? Whatever... anyway, traditionally, the prezzies we got on 'Clausies' (I think I like the name) are smaller than those for Christmas, and generally just for kids. I mean, I get gifts on Christmas, and I give them to others, but since I'm still the kid in the family, I get the prezzies, but don't give them on the 6th.... You get me, right? And as I said, the prezzies are smaller... or rather, less expensive. Like, last year I've got a dvd player for Christmas, and a book for Mikolajki.

Do you have something similar wherever you live?

Anyway... Even though the snow melted, and it doesn't look like Christmas are coming... well, there is a Coca Cola Christmas commercial, so they definitely *are* coming, but... *Anyway*. Icons. Made them. First batch is Angel s1-4, will do s5 later today, and then move on to Btvs.

As usual: credit is not needed, comments are appreciated. Just tell me if you like them?


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