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LJ paid account rant

So, I've managed to convince my mom to get me paid account. Yay me?
Not really.

None of us has a credit card that would cover the payment through the net. Bugger. Polish banks suck, big way.
Paypal doesn't aprove of Poland and don't want me to send any money.
I don't know how to work out the Money Order... it just doesn't work for me.
Cash, or check. Yeah, like it's a good idea to send money from Poland. I know how our post offices work, and believe me, not good. We're still waiting for the postard I've send to my grandmother from London - in July.

Kay, whatever, I'll live... just an hour of pleading, begging and reasoning (most of it begging) is wasted... drat, could have asked for a car instead.

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