Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Dear Noelia,

Four days till you leave for London, and I realise you are excited.

However, it would do you good if you remembered few basic things about the shopping spree you are planning.

Don't buy things you can buy in Poland. That involves things you can buy online. That also involves things you can have Mom buy for you in France when she goes there.
That means NO to Gilmore Girls and 24, YES to Hex and Doctor Who.

Don't buy things you already have. You don't *need* X-wing novels in English, since you waited so long to buy them in Polish and you DID. You don't need to buy CSI:NY season one, because YOU HAVE IT ON YOUR HDD.

Don't buy things you won't fit in your suitcase. I mean it. You don't want to give half of your seat to Narsil replica, do you?

Don't buy pretty useless stuff for 100 pounds. What will you do with that lightsaber? You have a broomstick, if you really *need* to play Jedi and Siths. Besides, you don't like Jedi. You want to be an X-wing pilot. Stick to it. There are small chances you'll buy a 1:1 scale X-wing... probably.

Don't buy every single magazine you see that has a mention of an actour or a show you like. REALLY. Remember what happened with those you bought in France?

Don't buy every Giles action figure you see. You may buy one. ONE.

Stick to bookshops, visit Virgin and HMV, don't go near Forbidden Planet... Don't buy overpriced food, you have paid food in the hotel. Don't drink too much coffee, you're bound to be overexcited as it is. Don't spend all your money on the first day. No, you don't need the Angel Smile Time plushy. You have Evenstar already, you're not buying Nenya. What will you use Snape's wand for? No, wait, don't answer that... you're NOT BUYING it anyway. PUT DOWN THE ALIEN PLUSHY NOW.

You know? You better stay in your hotel...

Concerned love,
Tags: london, random insanity

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