Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Did I mention that when I'm bored I get kinda weird? Yeah.

So, for some time now, cala_jane and I play an rpg game in the CSI universe... It's way fun. But, yesterday, we created another game, in the same universe, with the same team, but five years earlier, when Cala's character was a rookie and mine wasn't yet working in the CSU. In that game, I play Jones, current lab supervisor, then just a CSI.

I'm way too much excited by the entire thing, but I can't help it. WEEEE.

So. Just for that game, I couldn't find good Giles icons (Tony Head plays Jones :]) so I kinda went and made my own.
Since I know quite a bit of my flist might possibly be interested in them...


Find the rest here
Tags: icons, random insanity

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