Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

in which Noelia whines. again.

Not a best day ever, on the overall. Even not considering the Stargate cancellation.

I kind of feel like crap, which is my normal reaction to biometric pressure, but worse, chest pains are back.
This isn't exactly abnormal, I have better and worse times, but I have faster heart rate again and my blood pressure is down, down, down, and that doesn't bode well.

Which means I'll need to see my doctor again, and run the tests again and she'll probably alter my heart meds again. World of blah. Blood tests ugh. Hate needles.

Guess that rules out mountain climbing from the list of possible boredom-induced activities. I'll stick to knitting.

PS. Still watching House. If I end up having to do the tests again, can I have a doctor who looks like Hugh Laurie? Would help SO much.
Tags: general whining

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