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Love, Watcher/Slayer style

Thingy I wrote some time ago... not really a drabble, but short...

It's written in sort of different way from what I usually write, so wanted to know what do you think...?


Just look at them now. She came up with the wicked plan all by herself, and he's so freakin' proud... and a few days ago she was ready to kick his ass into next Tuesday and he had that hunted expression he thinks is calm every time he looked at her.

And now? She's all smiles, he's all gentleness... Makes me wanna puke.

That's the style though, the love of Watcher/Slayer kind.

I chained mine to the chair and make him bleed, she broke hers' heart. He wanted to give me to the Council's psychos, Giles left her when she needed him most... That's the caruosel, join us for the ride.

They're all touchy feely now, but let me tell you, if we win this battle? Not a month and she'll be digging a new undead. Maybe an old undead, Spike is just waiting for another shot at her. Giles will be disgusted, or disappointed, or majorly pissed off... doesn't matter, but he will leave her again, or she'll run away.

They would die for each other, just as I would for Wes... but I would kill him just as easily.

She would hate him and love him, he will adore her and despise her... That's our funny world.

You may think they forgave each other all that crap... yes, you can also say that Wesley forgot how fun it was to be cut or burned.... or you can say the sky is green.

They could fuck each other and make it less painfull... but am I going to meet Wes after this ends? No, I will stuck with Robin, because it's easier, and he will be in L.A pinning over that Texas tramp, and I won't care.

I was here during their betrayal round, the test thingy and Angel crap, and still I know I missed the most fun moments. They will hurt each other again and again, the constant soap opera, angst and drama that our lives are. He will abandon her and crawl back again, she will ignore him and then throw a tantrum when he will be leaving.

That's how it is, the love in Watcher/Slayer style.

Tags: ats, btvs, fanfiction

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