Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

not dead, but without the net, it's pretty close.

woah, gone for a moment, and the 'update journal' page changes... weird. will take a moment to get used to.

I'm alive, though I still have no net access at home, no time to access it at school, and absolutely no time to access it anywhere else.
I'm a sad, sad Noelia at the moment.

And apparently, my LJ paid time is to expire soon, blah. Oh, well, bye, bye, pretty icons.

Anyway. Late 'Happy New Year' to you all. I hope you're all fine? I dread to go through all the backlog entires on my flist, there's bound to be so many!

Hugs to you all, I'll be really back in a few weeks, provided we achieve something about that connection thing. Polish internet providers really suck.

And thank you so much for all the Christmas cards! I hope mine reached you (those of you whose adresses I could get without accessing the net, that is...)

I miss you all...

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