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happy people bore me - meta of sorts

I probably should have realised this sooner - but as I said, I am so slow snails honk on me - but I have a deep dislike for Established Relationships.

I'm like Joss this way, only not so smart. He usually kills at least a half of the happy couple. I just get bored with the show.

This is probably most evident in my Gilmore Girls' watching. I ship Luke/Lorelai quite vividly, had since the very beginning. And though I love Christopher, he's a joy whenever he's on the show, I want Lorelai to be with Luke in the end... But when they actually did get together on the show, I snored my way through most of the seasons five and six. The only spike in interest was during their breakup and getting back together.

In the days of Buffy, I never had any interest in Buffy/Angel. We were told over and over again, quite loudly, as Buffy has a tendency for dramatics, that they love each other, blah blah blah. So boring. I was much more interested in, at the beginning, Buffy/Xander and Xander/Willow, pairings where at least one person was clearly uninterested and in love with somebody else. That makes for interesting watching.

In Buffyverse, I finally settled on Buffy/Giles and Giles/Xander, pairings we'd never see on the show, no matter how long it would last (even if we got seven seasons more, come on, what are the chances?). And I'm quite happy with that. Yes, I do have a tendency to yell at the screen and tell the characters to get over it and make out already, but I'm content in the knowledge that this is not going to happen. Fanfic will give me happy endings and porn, from my shows I want emotional melodrama and heartbreak.

Ah, yes. I apparently hate the characters I love, don't I?

Well, not exactly. I do want them to be happy... just not during the show duration. I'm fine with happy endings, weddings in the last episode, every relationship tied up neatly at the end. Of course, with all the shows getting cancelled rapidly, small chances. But then, fanfic comes in and repairs all damage. I love happy endings in fanifcs.

Then there is Fred/Wesley. One of my absolutely favourite pairings ever, and one that neatly ties in to my love for the unrequited love. Two and a half of season of heartbreak and Wesley looking depressed. Yay. Then, all went to hell as they got together for no good reason and for such a short a time you'd missed it if you blinked. Wham, bam, she's dead. Good for me because I have angst now?

Not quite. I love angst, but I want a hope for happy ending. I want the possibility of them being together in a far future, I want longing looks and innuendo and I want my subtext, damnit. I don't want them killed.

As of late, CSI and CSI:NY are annoying me with pairings happening. Yes, I know people waited ages for Sara/Grissom and they are infinitely cute and awesome together but where is my angst? I shipped Sara/Grissom for as long as I watched this show, but if we're now canon, I may switch to Sara/Greg, or Grissom/Nick, since this one has slim chances of happening in canon.

And CSI:NY, I'm looking at you. You're fooling me with Danny's unrequited crush to give me an Oficial Pairing? Not nice. Not nice. And what's with the sudden love in the air? Of all people, *Mac* is dating? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Gary Sinise being cute and adorable and for Mac to finally get some (preferably with Flack, though. Or, you know, Danny), and I even like Peyton, and together they are very cute indeed, but oh my god, so boring.

It seems like I have only Veronica Mars and Bones to fall on for some UST in the air. Although I just know that the current state will last shortly. Logan and Veronica will get back together (again) and Booth and Brennan will get together as well (first time). And then what?

I'll have to stick to fandoms where my pairings won't happen. Firefly and Simon/River. Apart from the show sadly being caput, incest? No way they're making this canon, not even Joss. Speaking of incest, Supernatural? Slashy incest, that's a way to go if you don't want a wedding and a happy married life and a white picket fence. Although the thought of Dean and a white picket fence and a golden retriever and a swing in the garden... excuse me while I die laughing. Or, you know, I could watch House. Hugh Laurie may be 'game', but chances of House/Wilson happening? Slim on the side of non-existant (But feel free to prove me wrong, dear show, I'd love to see them make-out. Then break-up).

The thing is, I could really ship only pairings that have very small chances of happening, but you can't really choose that way, can you? You either see the chemistry and have no chances of not-shipping, or you don't and you don't give a damn.

So while everyone around me is rejoicing when their ships are becoming canon, I'm going 'meh' in the corner, because all that love in the air wrecks havoc with my allergies.

Anyone with me?
Tags: meta, musings
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