Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Neil Gaiman book-signing and Q&A meeting

An awesome day, seriously.

The book signing was supposed to start at 3pm, so I went to Empik at about 12am, and sat around drinking coffee and reading my new American Goods book - the author's prefered version. The girl opposite me was also reading one, and it of course turned out she was also waiting for the signing and came earlier as well.
We talked for a while, and she's definitely cool, we will definitely keep in touch.
The signing started as planned, at 3, and we were at the start of the queue, and thank god because it went all two stories down and out of the building, and half across the Grand Market Square (!!!).
I got all three books I took signed, and Neil underlined the bit in Anansi Boys that says 'this book is for You'. Awesomeness.
We also were told to have our names written on little post-its to show him, to avoide having to spell out names like 'Grzegorz', or 'Szczepan', I supose, and he commented that 'Joanna' is one that he actually knows. I said that yes, it's not really original or anything, but they had me write it down anyway, and he said that it makes it easier on him because he doesn't have to think while signing, which is fairly reasonable, methinks.

Then me, cala_jane, Patrycja, and two other people we met in the queue, Piotrek and Kasia, went for a coffee before we went to the Q&A. It was way fun.

And the meeting was even better, especially since for the first time ever I didn't really have any reason to complain about a translator, because he was not only good but also *funny*.
Especially the bit when, talking about Stardust film, he said Kirsten Dunst stars in it, when it really is Claire Danes. Neil picked up on it, and commented that he is really at a disadvantage, since the translator can say anything he likes, and few years later he'd have fans coming up to him and asking him when did he started to use bears to rob banks...
Translator's reaction: "Mr. Gaiman just says how much he enjoys this meeting and talking to you..."

Also, he was again asked about Good Omens, and again said he and Terry don't necessarily completely reject the idea of a sequel one day, which doesn't mean they have anything in plans... standard answer, really.

Stardust and Mirrormask were discussed, as well as Sandman's illustrations, Slavic Gods in "American Gods", lying to journalists, thinking Narnia's "Last Battle" was rubbish, getting ideas and inspiration, and other stuff.

Generally, way fun. If I figure out how to upload photos taken with my mobile phone, I'll do so tomorrow. I'm also going to get Photos and movies that Patrycja and Piotrek took, so expect them posted soon... whether you're interested or not :D.

Other thing is, because of this all, I had no time to really work on my lesson plan for tomorrow, and prepare exercises and stuff, so I'll probably won't go to the lectures tomorrow, just work on this, and then go straight to my Teacher Practice... I know, bad, but still, the meeting and the signing were worth it.
Tags: geekiness, glee, neilgaiman

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