Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Sitting home with a fever, feeling generally crappy and way, way bored... So I've figured I'll spoil myself about some shows... Huge mistake.
Now I'm not sure if I want the rest of the CSI:NY season right flippin' now, or maybe never because... argh.

Also, have a craving for some Mac/Flack (The Wonderful Rhyming Ship). Nothing to do with the spoilers, mind you... just want some. Anyone knows any? I mean, apart from the crossover with Giles/Xander by soft_princess.
Randomnly, I think my CSI:NY slash priorities changed from Mac/Danny to Danny/Flack and Mac/Flack recently... I blame Eddie Cahill who's almost too pretty.

Oh! And I'm starting to like Polish TV, which is a new experience to me... Apparently we just got Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother, and we're getting s3 of CSI:NY, and soon we'll get s7 of CSI and s5 of CSI:Miami, and we have s2 of Veronica Mars, and s9 of Stargate, and s1 of Supernatural, and s2 of Ciminal Minds and s1 of Jericho, and s2 of 4400, and s3 of Alias, and s1 of Prison Break, and some other stuff! Things are looking up. Weee.
Tags: csi:ny, random insanity

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